Walsh Research Institute; 
Advanced Nutrient Therapy

I offer testing and Advanced Nutrient Therapy in order to identify certain 

biochemical imbalances related to certain mood disorders. 

I have trained with William Walsh, PhD from Walsh Research Institute and Dr Judith Bowman and Dr Albert Mensah from Mensah Medical IL, USA.

Training with William Walsh in Dublin

Walsh Research Institute;
Advanced Nutrient Therapy

ADVANCED NUTRIENT THERAPY targets imbalances that affect brain biochemistry. A clinical and lifestyle questionnaire alongside testing can indicate deficiencies and excesses of certain elements. These elements can have negative effects on neurotransmitter activity, lead to poor protection at the blood brain barrier and compromise antioxidant levels that protect the brain against toxins.

Walsh's research shows that nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids can rebalance brain biochemistry that underlies mood and behavioural disorders such as:



Post Natal Depression

Behavioural Disorders


An integrated approach to optimum mental wellbeing includes advanced nutrient therapy alongside medical supervision and psychotherapy. Rebalancing brain biochemistry will allow full benefit from all components of treatment. Advanced nutrient therapy works alongside conventional medications or independently. Some key Imbalances that Walsh has identified in his research include: 

Low Zinc

High Copper



Low Folate

    1)     Introductory Consultation (1.5 hours €90):

    Food diary and pre questionnaire to be completed by client prior to this consultation

    Lifestyle assessment and medical history taken by consultant

    Blood and urine samples are provided for our phlebotomist (samples can be collected from the comfort of your own home - see  Functional Testing & Analysis for costs)

    2)      Analysis & Plan Consultation (1 hour €70):

    Detailed analysis of test results

    Personalised advanced nutrient therapy plan provided based on test results and lifestyle assessment form.

    Dietary recommendations provided

    3)       Continual Assessments (1 hour €70): 
    Typically a 6 month program is provided, therefore Continual Assessments are recommended every 6-8 weeks. Email or phone support is provided in between.